About Good Beginnings

Good Beginnings is a non-profit corporation with a board of directors comprised of parents and community representatives who are committed to providing high quality early learning and child care programs to the children and families of Oxford County since 1986.

Our Programs

Good Beginnings offers early learning and child care programs which are licensed under the Ministry of Education including child care centres for children from birth up to 6 years of age, before and after school programs for Kindergarten children 3.8 to 5.8 years of age and School Aged children 5.8 up to 13 years of age. As well as, full day camp programs during PA Days, Winter Break, March Break and summer, are operated by qualified staff. We also provide the services of Oxford County Chıldınü Oxford Service whose Resource Consultants help families with children up to the age of twelve in early learning and child care programs who face challenges to normal development.

Our Locations