Our Menus and Recipes

Child Care

Good Beginnings is committed to providing the children with excellent food while they are in our care. We serve nutritious mid-day meals as well as morning and afternoon snacks which are prepared fresh daily. All meals and snacks are prepared in accordance with the Health Canada documents, “Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide” and Public Health safety standards. Staff and the Oxford County Board of Health review our menus and food premises. Menus are posted on the parent information board as well, for parents to review. We serve meals and snacks family style, where staff and children set up, serve, eat and tidy up together.

Children are encouraged to try new foods and to feed themselves. We ask that parents let us know if their child has any food restrictions or allergies, so that we may take the necessary steps to meet their child’s needs. Children’s special dietary needs, food restrictions and any allergies will be posted in every cooking and serving area, play area and any other area children may be present. We are a peanut/nut safe centre; outside food or drinks are not allowed to be brought into the centre although consideration is given to children who may have special dietary requirements. To view our current menu please click here.

School Age

In the School Age Program we offer fresh snacks for the Before and After School Program. We follow “Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide” and Public Health safety standards when planning and preparing the snacks. For children attending our full day camp programs; morning and afternoon snacks will be provided by the program and families are to provide a nutritional peanut/nut safe bagged lunch.

To view our current Snack Menu, click here