One List

The County of Oxford has made finding child care easier for families in Oxford County. The County of Oxford Child Care One list will now be available online to all parents and guardians who are looking for licensed child care professionals to provide quality care to their child. The online Wait List (referred to as One list) eliminates the need to contact multiple child care organizations to place your name on a Wait List and allows you to do this in one convenient place, online.

In order to register online please visit: and create an account. You will be in charge of your account and also have the ability to place your name on any organization’s Wait List through One list. Once a space is available, a Child Care Supervisor will contact you directly to advise you of the next steps.

By creating a One list account, families will be able to manage the services their child requires as well as have access to the most up-to-date information regarding child care programs provided in Oxford County. Below you will find a chart that identifies the programs that apply to children based on their age:

Name of Age Category
Age Range
Younger than 18 months
18 months or older but younger than 30 months
30 months or older but younger than 6 years
44 months or older but younger than 13 years
Primary/ Junior School Age
68 months or older but younger than 13 years
Junior School Age
9 years or older but younger than 13 years

Once you have created your account, it is important that you maintain current information (address, phone number and child’s information).

If you no longer require Child Care with our Organization and would like to remove your name from the Wait List, please contact the Child Care Centre at which you requested care. It is our hope that this initiative will assist families with finding the highest quality care by licensed professionals in a timely manner.

Wait List

To learn more about our Wait List Policy please click here.