Chıldınü Oxford

Chıldınü Oxford Referral Process:

  • Parent Referral
  • Referral by physician or community agency with written parental consent
  • Referrals may be received in person, by phone, mail, fax or email.

Chıldınü Oxford  is founded on the basic belief that a child is a child first in spite of individual differences.

Providing support to community licensed child care and early learning settings to enable children with challenges to participate in activities with their peers. Challenges may be physical, developmental, social, behavioural or a struggle adjusting to a new situation or change in their life.

Chıldınü Oxford  Believes:

  • Families know their children best
  • A child is a child first, despite individual differences
  • All children are unique and differ in their cultural, intellectual, physical, emotional and communicative development
  • A child has a right to participate in all childhood activities with his/her peers

Chıldınü Oxford  Will:

  • Work with families and service providers to meet the goals for your child
  • Assist in your child’s current development through observation, screening, consultation and programming suggestions
  • Support child care programs to provide an inclusive environment which meets your child’s needs
  • Support transition to the school system for children entering school
  • Offer workshops for siblings of children with special needs
  • Provide information and resources including workshops

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